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The New Era of Machine Intelligence

Synopsis: After billions of dollars and decades of research, we are at a tipping point to finally cracking the code on conscious artificial intelligence. A.I. is poised to transform our society as did the internet years ago. We are already using A.I. when we use speech recognition software and Google Translate, among many other apps and services. Virtually all of the largest software and social media players are striving towards integrating some form of A.I. into their product and service, including Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft. Today we have Robotic helpers, driverless cars, problem solving A.Is and we're just getting started. Machine Intelligence has the potential to usher in a new age of technology like we've never seen before that will have an impact on job markets, income inequality, and the economy. In this discussion we'll look at problems that robots can and can’t solve today and the future effects that robots will have on our economy and our personal lives. The good and also the dangers of A.I. that we'll need to face. Join us for a deep learning discussion and ask yourself; Are you ready for this new era of artificial intelligence? 

Earlier Event: October 18
Later Event: October 19
The Foundry