cic aesthetic

CIC's visuals should feel vibrant but carefully composed. Large beautiful photos are often prominent.

CIC Orange should be used strategically and often works best as an accent, with greys or white doing much of the heavy lifting.

Main headers should be in Montserrat Bold. Lower levels of header are often in all caps with generous spacing. Body copy should be Montserrat Regular, Montserrat Light, or Proxima Nova Regular.


examples of color usage


CIC's classic logo is Museo Bold.

CIC Rotterdam's logo, and our headings going forward, are set in Montserrat Bold.




text borrowed from MIT (for now! will update)

leverage the power of MIT

The MIT brand is the best-known and strongest of the many identities across the MIT community. And the MIT logo—the short-hand representation of that brand—is the most recognized graphic identifier. By using the MIT logo in your department’s or organization’s identities and communications, you send a message: you connect with the power and promise of the Institute.

As the primary graphic symbol for the Institute, the MIT logo must appear on all communications, including websites, print publications, stationery, and signage. You can connect your organization to MIT in many ways, with a range of approaches to match your goals. Visit the branding options section for guidance.

Pair the logo with the full name

While our logo has gained much currency since it was adopted in 2003, some people may not instantly connect our mark to our name—and some may not know what “MIT” means. Therefore, the words “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” should appear on any surface that bears the logo, either with the logo itself or elsewhere.

Treat the logo as a logo

Our logo is a graphic element, not text, and should not be used in place of the letters “MIT” in text. It can be used, however, in place of the “MIT” in the construction of organizational identities in specific cases. Visit the branding options section for guidance.

Make the logo visible

Although it might be legible at a smaller size, the logo will lose definition and impact if it’s reproduced any smaller than the sizes provided on our logo downloads page.

Exception to the rule

In extremely limited instances, the MIT logo or its elements will be used as part of logos for high-level initiatives (e.g., MIT's capital campaign). These instances are subject to approval by the Office of the Vice President for Communications. Any logo that incorporates the MIT logo without permission will need to be immediately modified. Visit the branding options section for guidance.