CIC Takes the North Shore

Today, we feature a post from a Guest Blogger; it was written by CIC Boston's Shellie Cohen.

Often, when I wander through our floors here at CIC, I find myself passing offices and becoming suddenly struck by the thought, “I wonder what they do?” Recently, I was lucky enough to get the most detailed answer to that question ever, and went on a trip to Saugus with the irreplaceable Bill Scott and Sam Linehan of Scitus Engineering on the 11th floor here at CIC Boston. Bill, Sam, and Kevin Baker are the members of the software team who build mobile apps, analytical dashboards, connected device software, and much more.

CIC Staffers Shellie Cohen (left) and Julia Hansen (center) watch CCG's Mark Flannigan (right) demonstrate on a milling machine.

CIC Staffers Shellie Cohen (left) and Julia Hansen (center) watch CCG's Mark Flannigan (right) demonstrate on a milling machine.

On this amazing mid-day field trip to Saugus I was introduced to the hardware side of Scitus Engineering, including their parent company CCG (Central Centerless Grinding), Mark Flanagan (CEO) and James Paolino (CTO). These two are the perfect pair: the smartest guy in science class and the best guy in shop class became best friends and great partners with Scitus when their interests crossed paths at their mutual passion for engineering. Each device that they pulled out to show us had a story behind it, and the work that was put into every single piece of machinery was evident as they walked us through their processes,trials, and errors with their projects.

Scitus and CCG split up their operations between Boston and Saugus, using CIC Boston as a place for the software team to work because it houses classier meeting space and an easy location to meet with representatives from outside companies. During the tour of their shop in Saugus–which was very interesting to walk through, especially from the point of view of someone who knows nothing about how machine shops work–I learned about some of the projects that they have taken on and their process for finding and working with clients. While CCG has worked with companies as large and well renowned as NASA and Phillips, both Scitus and CCG aren’t above helping out anyone with any of their engineering questions. They have had people come in at every stage of the idea process–from just an inkling of an idea all the way to a finished product that must run more efficiently–and they seem to be genuinely excited about the prospect of new challenges. CCG and Scitus mainly focus on medical devices, and although they showed us endoscopes, blood testing machines, and a handheld vision testing device which uses a reconfigured iPhone, they also showed us some work they had done for an orange grove: a simple patented blade that increases juice production by up to 8%, as well as a headphone cord management project they had worked on with a couple of college students.

Scitus, here at their office in Boston, welcomes the opportunity to review concepts and can provide fully confidential and legal measures to protect the ownership of any ideas that CIC members may have! Their team, including Bill, Sam, and Kevin here, and also Mark and James in Saugus, can offer expert insight into software architecture and development to high level product design for better manufacturability and assembly. CCG also runs eight-week training sessions in Saugus that anyone can participate in, to learn how to use milling machines, perfect design, and optimize their product for the task at hand. If you have any questions, want to work with them, or are interested to know more, contact them at or (781) 233-5229.