It can be tough to come back to a normal workday from those relaxing all-day conversations with your family about when you are getting married or having kids or who you voted for during the election, so here are a few tips and tricks to get you through the day!

1) Find cool events to go to at CIC.

Take a break from your usual day-to-day routine and take a look at the upcoming events for the week. On November 30th, there is a Poetry and Pastries event from 1–2pm at CIC Boston. Come and read poems that will stir up the emotions you were trying to hide all weekend, and question the real meaning of love, life, and all the stuff in between.

2) Schedule breaks throughout the day.

Instead of taking an hour at lunch, take a half hour and divvy up the other half hour into smaller 5–10 minute breaks throughout the day. Take these moments to channel your inner food coma that you dearly miss from right after Thanksgiving dinner. Groan a little bit like you’re full to really sell it. If you don’t like sitting idly, look up old football highlights and commentate them as though you are your overly competitive uncle and your team is losing to truly bring the games to life.

3) Bring in leftovers for lunch.

I think I read somewhere that heavy cream stays good forever as long as it has been mixed with mashed potatoes. Eat the same 6–7 different sides for lunch and try not to think about how the environmental climate will likely grow worse and worse every consecutive year. Don’t be afraid to cry into your leftover stuffing, you know it could use the extra salt!

4) Reach out and make new work friends!

Branch out from your normal circle of lunch friends and find literally anyone else already. Eating your leftovers with a different group of people will bring you back to that feeling you have every Thanksgiving when that one aunt of yours brings her new boyfriend and three of his friends who all have hobbies you’ve never even heard of before, and you have to pretend to be interested in how brussel sprout farming really changed his whole outlook on the way animals are represented in modern media.

Hopefully these four quick and easy tips will help you adjust back to work after the holiday break! There is always more that you can do to get back into the flow of working a full day, just stay focused, at least for one more month until Hanukkah and Christmas roll up to jostle you right back out of your rhythm.

Don’t worry, 2016 is almost over.

Love, Laugh, Leftovers.

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