The CIC community is constantly growing and CIC is now open in a couple of new locations: Rotterdam and Miami!  

In case you are thinking about expanding to serve Europe or Latin America, there are a number of key reasons why we picked these specific cities.  

CIC RotterdamWe chose the Netherlands because it has one of the most open and business-friendly policies of any country in Europe. Its tax policies, lack of red tape, and fast visa processes made it a great choice for our new international headquarters and our first overseas location. Geographically, it is close and super-connected by high-speed rail to the to the rest of Europe.  Its residents are perhaps the most polyglot in Europe, making it a good base for wider European expansion.

As we examined the Netherlands, Rotterdam became the clear choice specifically because it is the “Boston” of the Netherlands. Its immediate area houses the top universities in the country and a strong research/startup orientation. Downtown Rotterdam is a nonstop 20 minute high-speed train ride from one of the world’s largest airports – Schiphol – and the train drops you directly in front of CIC’s building at Rotterdam’s beautiful central railway station. We also love Amsterdam, which we think of as the “LA” of the Netherlands. It is on the other side of the airport from Rotterdam, two stops away.

CIC MiamiWhile Rotterdam is a gateway to Europe, Miami is the business capital of Latin America. Miami is the only city where businesses in the entire region come together: a tangible hemispheric crossroads. The capital resources and deep business and cultural links to every country in Latin America mean that it is the logical base for any company expanding business in the region. When the former Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health, Julio Frenk, took over as President of the University of Miami, we decided to build a partnership with him to build an innovation district around the second largest health district in the country, which includes the university’s Medical School. This is an ambitious project that will span a decade.

We are already up and running in starter mode in both cities, with coworking and office facilities. In the Fall of 2016 we will be significantly expanding both locations, adding custom-built, beautiful CIC-style space similar to what we recently opened in Boston and St. Louis. Please let us know if you are interested in growing alongside us in these locations.

CIC Passport Square LogoIf you find yourself in the Netherlands or Miami, please come visit! Your services with CIC already include access to work there, at no additional charge. You may recall that last year we announced the CIC Passport: a global network of spaces that support the startup community. Your existing card serves as your CIC Passport and gives you access to all of CIC’s spaces.

If you have questions or would like to reach out in advance of a visit, please email Melissa Ablett at about Rotterdam and Natalia Martinez at about Miami.

Thank you for being a part of our growing community!

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