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CICers: Mastering Tomorrow from Miami to Cambridge

GeoOrbital’s Michael Burtov With its growing number of sites, CIC is working to find ways to increase interconnectivity and collaboration between clients & communities across the states, and soon across the globe! Last week, CIC Miami welcomed...

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Client Spotlight: Insight Data Science

  In our first post-Thanksgiving spotlight we return to Boston. The team at Insight Data Science is ensuring a whole new generation of data scientists has the skills it needs on two coasts! Who are you? April Minsky, Program Coordinator for the...

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Client Spotlight: SoL NA

This week we return to Cambridge with our client spotlights. Meet the executive director of SoLNA. If you’re interested in learning more about their programming, visit their page (linked below)! Who are you? Marc Waxman – Executive Director of...

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Client Spotlight: Capital Innovators

Westward ho! Today, we move a bit further away from CIC’s home in the Boston area. One thousand miles west, we land in St. Louis and are proud to feature our first client spotlight from CIC St. Louis! Who are you? Brian Dixon, COO of Capital Innovators...

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I’m Stuck on Design Town

I have always loved stickers. When I was little, I had a sticker collection. This really meant that any time I got a sticker (individual ones from the doctor’s or dentist’s office, a sticker book from my grandparents, a sheet from a birthday party,...

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Client Spotlight: Technology Exchange Lab


I had the chance to ask Éadaoin Ilten and Brennan Lake of Technology Exchange Lab a few questions, and learned how they’re using forward-thinking strategies to improve lives around the world. Introduce yourselves! What do you do? Here at Technology...

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DIY Virtual Reality: A 3D Scan of CIC’s Monthly Boston VR Meetup, 6/29

That’s me, sitting in a CIC Boston conference room and posing deer-eyed for the… DPI-8 3D scanner. Fresh off the phone with Michael Kaplan of NVIDIA, Jimmy Giliberti of WorldViz, and Chris Ahern from DotProduct, Chris fleshed out our virtual discussion...

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Friday Link Roundup – June 10, 2016

A snippet of what we’ve been reading this week: Susan Cain, the World’s Leading Introvert Expert, on How to Thrive in an Open-Office World Startups: Boston vs. NYC, 20 Months Later 4 Best Practices to Foster Innovation and Entrepreneurship Breakfast...

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Community Enrichment: How CIC Arts Supports Local Artists and Their Work

Written by Emily Schonberg CIC’s mission is to change the world through innovation by developing ecosystems that allow exceptional entrepreneurs to innovate better and faster. We do this by actively building innovation communities in the centers of...

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NewCo Boston at CIC: Featuring Chimaera Labs and Analog Devices

NewCo. Heard of it? Think “business conference meets studio tour,” an up-and-coming festival designed to celebrate the spirit of innovation by connecting the engines of positive change in our society. Since it was founded in 2012, NewCo has hosted...

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