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Your Trusty Holiday Gift Giving Guide

  If you’re anything like me, you are terrible at giving gifts. I’m always trying to improve, but somehow, every year, I just continue to fall short. This year, I’m going to put forth a concerted effort to think outside the box and give some...

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A satirical guide to coming back to work if you had a rough holiday break.

  It can be tough to come back to a normal workday from those relaxing all-day conversations with your family about when you are getting married or having kids or who you voted for during the election, so here are a few tips and tricks to get you...

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A Definitive, Entirely Subjective, Ranking of the Best Core Snacks Across the CICs in MA

As someone who is very emotionally and physically invested in both the kitchens of CIC and eating vast quantities of food at every moment, I have taken it upon myself to rank the top five core offerings of the almost 50 or so across our three Massachusetts...

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Mindful Eating for Entrepreneuers

Melissa Gallagher Landry and Carissa Burton are the co-founders of Mission Nutrition, bringing quality nutrition services to their clients online. They will be hosting a WellTalk through the CIC Wellness Team in the Venture Cafe on Wednesday, February...

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The Perfect Desk


By Shannon Smith It is easy to take desks for granted in today’s work environment. They’re just another place to put your laptop, right? We respectfully disagree. A desk is as important to your workplace as a foundation is to your house. It acts as...

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7 Ways To Get More Out Of CIC

  Sure, CIC has a number of amenities you can take advantage of as a client. The conference rooms, avocados, and strong wifi signal are great, but there’s even more you can do with your CIC access. Below is a list of 7 ways to get  the most out...

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6 Steps For Biking To Work: CIC Cambridge Edition

With an increase in MTBA traffic, construction, housing prices, and bike lanes in Cambridge, more and more Kendall Square workers can consider biking to work as an affordable, healthy, green commuting option. Here are 6 steps for biking to work, outlining...

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