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Client Spotlight: Insight Data Science

  In our first post-Thanksgiving spotlight we return to Boston. The team at Insight Data Science is ensuring a whole new generation of data scientists has the skills it needs on two coasts! Who are you? April Minsky, Program Coordinator for the...

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Client Spotlight: SoL NA

This week we return to Cambridge with our client spotlights. Meet the executive director of SoLNA. If you’re interested in learning more about their programming, visit their page (linked below)! Who are you? Marc Waxman – Executive Director of...

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Client Spotlight: January

Once again, CIC goest westward! Our newest spotlight takes us to St. Louis and the really cool team at January! What’s your name, company, and role? Reshma Chamberlin (pictured upper center), CEO & Partner at January ( What...

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Client Spotlight: Capital Innovators

Westward ho! Today, we move a bit further away from CIC’s home in the Boston area. One thousand miles west, we land in St. Louis and are proud to feature our first client spotlight from CIC St. Louis! Who are you? Brian Dixon, COO of Capital Innovators...

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Client Spotlight: Boston Area Spanish Exchange (BASE)

¡Saludos! We wanted to practice our language skills so we sat down with CIC Boston resident organization, BASE! Give us your elevator pitch. BASE is a teacher-owned and teacher-run language school aiming to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps in the...

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Client Spotlight: Technology Exchange Lab


I had the chance to ask Éadaoin Ilten and Brennan Lake of Technology Exchange Lab a few questions, and learned how they’re using forward-thinking strategies to improve lives around the world. Introduce yourselves! What do you do? Here at Technology...

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CIC Client Spotlight: Tervela

Tervela was one of CIC Boston’s first clients, and we’ve been able to watch the company grow over the past two years. Now, they’re partnering with some of the biggest names in the tech industry. Tell us about your company. What do...

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CIC Client Spotlight: Beco

This week Tom Zampini, the CEO of CIC client company Beco, sheds some light on how they are using already existing infrastructure to collect data in the hopes of creating “smarter” buildings. What is Beco? Beco is a new class of location analytics...

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CIC Client Spotlight: Design Museum Boston

In Boston there are countless circles and squares, Washington Street goes on forever, and the entrance of a building on Milk Street is on Devonshire Street. It’s hard to imagine anything in Boston was “designed.” The team at Design Museum Boston...

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CIC Client Spotlight: Duplessy Foundation

This week’s spotlight features Derrick Duplessy of the Duplessy Foundation. Derrick has been a long-time CIC client. You’ll often find him networking across all five floors, holding events for the community, and mentoring young professionals...

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