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Your Trusty Holiday Gift Giving Guide

  If you’re anything like me, you are terrible at giving gifts. I’m always trying to improve, but somehow, every year, I just continue to fall short. This year, I’m going to put forth a concerted effort to think outside the box and give some...

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CICers: Mastering Tomorrow from Miami to Cambridge

GeoOrbital’s Michael Burtov With its growing number of sites, CIC is working to find ways to increase interconnectivity and collaboration between clients & communities across the states, and soon across the globe! Last week, CIC Miami welcomed...

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A satirical guide to coming back to work if you had a rough holiday break.

  It can be tough to come back to a normal workday from those relaxing all-day conversations with your family about when you are getting married or having kids or who you voted for during the election, so here are a few tips and tricks to get you...

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Client Spotlight: SoL NA

This week we return to Cambridge with our client spotlights. Meet the executive director of SoLNA. If you’re interested in learning more about their programming, visit their page (linked below)! Who are you? Marc Waxman – Executive Director of...

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Client Spotlight: January

Once again, CIC goest westward! Our newest spotlight takes us to St. Louis and the really cool team at January! What’s your name, company, and role? Reshma Chamberlin (pictured upper center), CEO & Partner at January ( What...

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CIC Staff Spotlight: Jesus Rivera, Concierge Associate

How long have you been working for CIC and what is your role? I’ve been at CIC for one year as a Concierge Associate at CIC Boston. CIC Boston has been growing quite a bit since you started. What’s the biggest difference between now and your first...

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I’m Stuck on Design Town

I have always loved stickers. When I was little, I had a sticker collection. This really meant that any time I got a sticker (individual ones from the doctor’s or dentist’s office, a sticker book from my grandparents, a sheet from a birthday party,...

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CIC Staff Spotlight: Liz Vaughan, Community Leader

1) What is your name? Liz Vaughan. Technically Mary Elizabeth Vaughan (for my grandmothers). But call me Liz. 2) Where are you originally from? The lush, drizzly, progressive city of Seattle. 3) What is your position at CIC? Community Leader for the...

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AUGUST EVENT PREVIEW (Cambridge and Boston)

  There are a variety of events coming up at CIC where we can engage with the world around us in educational, creative, and social ways. See below for a brief overview of August’s offerings and visit our event calendar by clicking here.   Hardware...

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Client Spotlight: Technology Exchange Lab


I had the chance to ask Éadaoin Ilten and Brennan Lake of Technology Exchange Lab a few questions, and learned how they’re using forward-thinking strategies to improve lives around the world. Introduce yourselves! What do you do? Here at Technology...

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