April 1, 2012

Announcing Machine Shop for CIC Clients


Dear Members of the CIC Community,

Today we are announcing that CIC has created a partnership with Artisan’s Asylum, a local, not-for-profit membership-based “maker” community that offers a 30,000 square foot facility with an extensive array of shop equipment and space to build physical things.  Its services include a wood shop, a metal shop, a welding shop, an electronics lab, a sewing area, 3D printers, and so forth.  It’s simply amazing.

Under this partnership, all CIC clients will have free use of Artisan Asylum’s facilities.  There is no additional cost for CIC clients to take advantage of basic access to Artisan’s Asylum, including basic equipment and tool training.

Artisan’s Asylum also offers an array of paid classes from low cost tool training to advanced topics, such as welding, 3D printing, paint shop usage, etc.  Some of these classes may be required to use certain equipment.

Already several CIC clients are doing prototyping work at Artisan’s Asylum, and the feedback has been terrific.  See some photos of the space here.

Interested CIC clients need to sign-up at the concierge desk or with a CIC team member and agree to a liability waiver.  This sign-up will work the same way as our bike-share program.  Note that this sign-up includes a check-box by which each individual CIC user indicates that they have the permission of their company at CIC to do this.

Once you have signed the waiver, we will pass your name to Artisan’s Asylum, which will take you through their normal new member intake process.

In addition, within Artisan’s Asylum CIC is sponsoring a dedicated, secured work area with workbenches for the exclusive use of CIC clients.  Up to five CIC clients may use that work area simultaneously.

At the moment, only one CIC client at a time may use the shared workshops at Artisan’s Asylum.  There is a sign-up sheet in the CIC-sponsored work-area.  We will add additional simultaneous usage “slots” if needed.

Location:  Artisan’s Asylum is located at 10 Tyler Street, Somerville, Massachusetts 02143. They are just off of Somerville Ave, a 5-minute walk from Union Square, a 15-minute walk from Porter Square.  Map Link.  The best way to get there is by bike (about 10 minute).  There is also a bus running from Lechmere, and there is also free parking.

We hope you enjoy this new opportunity.

Tim Rowe

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