June 10, 2009

CIC on Wikipedia?


A CIC client, Julie Salickram, has posted an “under construction” wikipedia entry on CIC in her private Wikipedia ‘sandbox’.  She is an avid wikipedia contributor and believes that CIC is “noteworthy”… the fairly strict standard with which the Wikipedia determines if something should have an entry or not.  We are not compensating her to do this, but we are grateful for it, and we told her we would announce that it existed to the rest of the CIC community to encourage others to improve the stub entry she has posted.

The link is here:     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:CambridgeQueen/Sandbox

Julie’s plan is to encourage edits from as many people as possible, to make this a ‘good’ article, and then she will ‘publish’ this to the main wikipedia system.  Like with everything else in Wikipedia, we trust the wisdom of the crowds will make it interesting, fair and complete.  I believe anyone at all can make edits, but if you do want to edit it, your edits will be more likely to “stick” (e.g. not be erased by other editors) if you are a registered wikipedia user with some history of edits to other entries.

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  • Dave Gowel

    There was a Wikipedia page for Michael Bolton and not one for CIC until Julie’s post?! I’ve lost all respect for Wikipedia…

    Jun 19 2009 at 7:08 PM
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